Design in Motion

Prior to launching SpaceVRX I served as a founding principal and Creative Director for the digital production boutique Soulmoto.  Our final demo montage is linked below and represents almost ten years work of not just design and animation, but photography and editorial too.  Before that, I spent over a decade as a motion designer, editor, and Creative Director at the post-production studio Flying Spot.  Just to be sure, I also spent time as an editor and designer at Seattle NBC affiliate, King-5.  A whole lot of freelance motion graphics and editorial work.  And a writer/producer for on-air promotion at Wisconsin Public Television. 

Now I offer my creative services through this .. SpaceVRX - I like to say `spās-vərks.

Below you'll find a clip reel that highlights a collection of my motion and creative direction work (as well as editorial and photography) at Soulmoto, my prior business.

My primary everyday creation tool is Cinema 4D from Maxon, and I mention it because it is amazing.  Otherwise, I am completely agnostic and have over the years gone from marker on celluloid to studio artist on super-charged systems from Softimage, Discreet/Autodesk, Quantel and Avid.  Obviously Adobe plays the constant companion of any digital artist and CS has been a great success ;)